Wed-Locked (Trailer)

Robert and Denise must navigate the ups and downs of living together for the first time, discovering expectations they don't know they have, and deciding on things like, if it’s ever a good time to bring up their sexual history. Robert and Denise are forced to constantly reassess what their values are, where they are willing to bend and how to please the other person. Wed- Locked give us the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in a couples' early years of marriage.

Wed-Locked Episode 1: Past Lovers

Robert is bothered by the number of sexual partners Denise has had, and that she is still friends with some of her exes.

Wed-Locked Episode 2: She's an Abuser

Wed-Locked Episode 3: She Can't Cook

Denise decides to cook instead of ordering food for a dinner party with Robert’s old friends. Robert desperately wants to impress his eccentric college buddies.

Wed-Locked Episode 4: Pillows

Wed-Locked Episode 5: Money Issues

Robert discovers that Denise has been hiding a personal account with $5000 in it.

Wed-Locked Episode 6: Sex Shop

Denise takes Robert on his first trip to the Sex Shop as they try to spice up their marriage.