Date. Love. Repeat. (Trailer)

Date. Love. Repeat is a romantic comedy about millennial Alexus Bryant, a NYC vlogger who has built an audience as a “Relationship Expert” on social media. The series follows the dating ups and downs of Alexus and her friends, whose dating lives provide material for her videos. Alexus counsels her followers with a mix of professional advice, sista-friend empathy and good old-fashioned common sense.

Date.Love.REPEAT. - Ep 101 (Pilot)

After experiencing a breakup with her fiance, Alexus Bryant turns to social media as therapy and becomes a self-proclaimed "Relationship Expert ".

Date.Love.REPEAT. Ep 102 - Crossing the Color Line

Ep2: Crossing the Color Line. As things blossom with her Pro Football beau Monty Everett, Brielle invites Alexus on a blind date with his teammate, who happens to be white.

Date.Love.REPEAT. - Ep 103 His Best Friend is a Girl?

Ep3: His Best Friend is a Girl?

Olivia learns her new boyfriend’s ride or die is a hot chick, so she turns to Alexus and friends for advice. Can men and women be “just friends”?

Date.Love.REPEAT. Ep 104 - He’s an Atheist, but Other Than That He’s Perfect

Ep4: He’s an Atheist, but Other Than That He’s Perfect

Olivia convinces the crew to join her at church, which spawns the conversation about deal breakers in relationships.

Date.Love.REPEAT. - Ep 105 Dating with a Purpose

Ep5: Dating with a Purpose. After a false pregnancy alarm, Ryan worries about his inability to reproduce. Meanwhile, after a series of uneventful dates, Olivia considers dating an older man.

Date.Love.REPEAT. Ep 106 - Beautiful, Sexy and Successful...Still Single?

Ep6: Beautiful, Sexy, and Successful . . . still Single? After another breakup the women ,once again, examine their options. Chris may have met “The One”.